Rudyard Kipling

Everything will come to you in Vernet-Les-Bains

Rudyard Kipling was inspired by the Canigou Mountain in the Pyrenees Orientals and visited Vernet-Les-Bains between 1910 and 1914 as a result. At this time, he already had many followers in France after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature and the huge success of the French version of the Jungle Book. His main reason for visiting the area initially was after his wife became ill and a doctor in Switzerland recommended the waters of Vernet-Les-Bains as a cure for her. His first book inspired by the area, "Why snow falls at Vernet" was written during one of his visits in 1911.

Apart from writing, Kipling spent his days walking and bathing and also fishing for the Catalan trout. In his honour there is a self-guided trail around the "Belle Epoque" sector of Vernet-Les-Bains which was well known to Rudyard Kipling. This circuit was opened quite recently in March 2011 and begins outside the tourist office. The route of the circuit is marked by a dozen illustrated panels.

There are hiking sheets for all the walks in the area which can be found at Canigou Lodge during your stay or bought for the Tourist Office in the town.

  • “I came here in search of nothing more than a little sunshine, but I found Canigou, whom I discovered to be a magician among mountains, and I submitted myself to his power. I watch him with wonder and delight. Nothing that he could do or give birth to would now surprise me, whether I met Don Quixote himself riding in from the Spanish side, or all the chivalry of ancient France watering their horses at his streams, or saw (with each twilight seems quite possible) gnomes and kobolds swarming out of the mines and tunnels of his flanks."

    - Rudyard Kipling